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The investment management industry is evolving rapidly. Investment managers are experiencing margin compressions due to lower fee expectations, increased competition and marginal real returns. This has led firms to reorient their strategies and start looking internally at how they currently do business. The implementation and enforcement of stringent regulatory frameworks have further increased the cost-pressures on investment managers.

The smart investment managers are looking to see how they can become operationally more efficient, mitigate risk and offer a better quality of service while maintaining margins. Historically, the operational infrastructure in investment management firms has not been the focus of senior management. As a result, in most cases this infrastructure is not scalable and requires considerable capital investments to meet the increased scrutiny and the desired operational efficiency.

stradegi offers a management consultancy that can assist senior management in highlighting the operational areas of weakness and help prioritize areas where capital investment can be best utilized.

Generic solutions presented by traditional consultants lack the depth of asset management knowledge and invariably lead to overly simplistic solutions to complicated problems. The stradegi team consists of individuals who have worked at asset owners, asset managers and service providers, and have experienced first-hand, many of the typical front, middle and back office issues.

Our understanding of the industry, functional expertise, and the knowledge of different products & service providers help us to provide solutions focused to serve the current industry demands.

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