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Client: The Asset Management division of a leading Insurance company in Asia

A leading insurance company in Asia wanted to ensure that its investment technology & application architecture was scalable to meet future business growth. The organization wanted to review its technology & application architecture in order to compare and contrast the people, processes and technology against other best in class insurance and retail investment managers.


stradegi was engaged to highlight the areas of weaknesses in the existing architecture and recommend an optimal front, middle and back office architecture that mitigated operational risk and provided operational efficiency, while supporting the business growth aspirations.

This review compared and contrasted the client against two leading competitors in Asia, specifically in the following areas:

  • People: Did the client have the appropriate people with the appropriate skills to support the investment organization?
  • Process: Were the client technology processes sufficiently robust to ensure the consistency and integrity of the investment workflow?
  • Technology: Was the client application architecture optimal? Was the technology scalable, efficient and did it mitigate risk in the organization?

The client has acknowledged the comprehensiveness of the review and has begun a program to implement the recommendations of the review.


Stradegi’s recommendations provided the client with an optimal support model for a disciplined and consistent investment process across the organization. The suggested application architecture enabled the organization to take advantage of investment capabilities in other countries and launch sub-delegated funds where the investment management is dispersed across multiple countries.

In addition to increased transparency in the investment process, the review provided a robust, secure and scalable technology framework & architecture that would meet regulatory and third party requirements.

Client: Insurance company in Asia

To develop a centralized platform and improve process efficiency using technology, a large insurance firm in Asia sought to develop an enterprise-wide investment income budgeting solution.


stradegi was engaged to develop a bespoke solution to provide the following functionality for investment assets assigned to meet an insurance liability:

  • Monitor and track the asset allocation of investment assets
  • Track actual investment assets and investment income earned monthly, where investment income is defined as the dollar value generated via interest, dividend and rental income on the investment assets assigned
  • Project investment income out into the future
  • Provide the facility to budget and forecast the investment income at a security or asset type level
  • Data capture at a product level with roll up to business entities and countries
  • Customizable 3 level classifications to classify the assets
  • Regional and Local country approval workflows
  • Budget and re-forecast process
  • Reports exportable into Excel and PDFs

The solution has been developed and is now live in 9 countries across Asia. The insurance firm is able to centrally manage its investment income budgeting process through a single robust platform for all its country offices.

stradegi have also entered into an agreement to provide support for this application using a Managed Services model.

Client: Leading Asset Manager based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An asset manager in Malaysia was looking to select the appropriate performance and attribution solution to best support the generation and reporting of performance and attribution analytics for all its funds.


stradegi was engaged to perform a vendor evaluation for a performance and attribution solution. stradegi worked with the client's Head of Performance and his team to come out with a list of requirements for  the new application. Based  on  these core  requirements, stradegi facilitated the entire Request-For-Proposal (RFP) process on behalf of the client. After responses were received from leading vendors in response to the RFP, stradegi coordinated the vendor demonstrations and workshops. Subsequently, stradegi assisted the client in selecting the final vendor for the implementation.


Acknowledging stradegi's expertise in the area, the client has now entrusted stradegi the task of negotiating the vendor agreement on their behalf.

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